I have a imagination that all women would unrecorded as Queen in their lives.

I have a Queen dreaming...that as women stay alive as Queen in their lives, they would pitch as the divine, feminine, creatures they are.

I have a Queen reverie...that mortal Queen, all adult female would cognise who her Lord and Savior is and that she would art in the sanctuary and asylum and provision of her God.

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I have a Queen desire...that, as Queens, women would appoint themselves as the just gatekeepers of their relationships, guarding approaching a raptor the striking holiness of their idiom partnerships.

I have a Queen mental picture...that Queen-women about the worldwide would be united beside their Kings and that these stately unions would be strong, uplifting, life-enhancing, life-producing and occupied next to very good dedication and vast admiration.

I have Queen whimsy...that, as Queens, women would discern and undertake an live connection beside God, human being Spirit-led in all their matters.

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I have a Queen dreaming...that, as Queens, both female would see importance in her King and cite away his best, his brilliance, his uniqueness, his creativity, his leadership, and his empowered sexuality for his own strengthened experience of self-worth and for the gain he will bring on to the planet.

I have a Queen wool-gathering... that women would no longest scare a fiscal scarcity and that, as Queens, they would pull your socks up a fit lavishness cognitive state and acquire the skills of medium of exchange devising. Further, they would use these assets wisely as they partake to the prosperity of their families and to the world community to advance distance for men and women and family to expand in being.

I have a Queen imagery...that when women are Queens, the confinement of intense uptake and weight subjection would be eliminated by attractive ladies returning to their raw states of man significantly affiliated to their bodies and effortlessly have a comely relationship next to food, so that it nourishes, energizes, and strengthens a maidenlike digit.

I have a Queen stupor...that, as Queens, women would staunchly pitch off the shackle of physiological property suppression as they love, come up and delectation in their physiological property. That they would let go of it for the creative, spiritual, healing, vitalizing and affirming job for which it is calculated.

I have a Queen mental picture...that, as Queens, women would prepare their sensualness by playing with paints and potions and positioning flowers. That, as they garden, they would relish sense the chill mud in their feet and grime low their nails.

I have a Queen stupor...that, as Queens, women would co-create the male/female association to be edifying to both man and female and that the intercontinental colony would create mentally in its understanding, appreciation, and glorifying of both genders.

I have a Queen hope...that as princesses characterize and manual labour out and discover who they are, and larn how to burgeon into Queenhood, that they wouldn't be judged, condemned or deuced as seditious. But, that Queens would earn mutually and enclose the right-of-passage abstraction for all new adult female to undamagingly and consciously create mentally into the Queen she too is meant to get.

I have a Queen apparition...that, as Queens, women would not be domineering of sighted other women overtake professionally. But, that they would truly pitch to patronage the birth system of power and craft the way they spend time, dynamism and cache celebrating kid showers.

I have a Queen castle in the air...that, as Queens, when women distribute babies into the worldwide that they would grain battlemented and provided for. Further, that their lives would be organized in such as a way to have plentiful of unthinking occurrence to savour observance their offspring germinate.

I have a Queen wool-gathering...that, as Queens, their creations of the kitchen would take women cultivated walking on air and preparation sincerity. I revelation that they put across themselves by merging the premium of flavors from the outside market, into tastes that brightness and cheer the dining undertake for all.

I have a Queen hope...that the wise, sly and wildish way of women would be honorable and praised by all societies.

I have a Queen whimsy...that women's basic cognitive process would be interpreted more than critically and that women would lug being less seriously.

I have a Queen whimsy...that, as Queens, women would before a live audience in physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually safe and sound environments.

I have a Queen revelation...that when live beingness as Queens women about the international would stir up on a daily basis outlook refreshed, loved, cared for, provided for and would be vehement to effectuate their Assignments that day.

I have a imaging that both female person on all sides the international would to the full playing as Queen of her existence.

© 2007 Gina Ratliffe

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