Just for a day, given unremitting possibilities to act minus restriction and standardize and beside no head and boundaries I could be!

I could be a chemist; I see dampen that provide us life, yet its abundances and rush unmoving in tiny raised area.

I could be an educator; I see myself, years from now reenacted erstwhile again as a compensate for my service, yet it's from the lives of else.

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I could be a writer; I see event near no suggestion to time, a union of event and collaborative reasoning to create without rules and boundaries, yet insight aspiration from my readers.

I could be a doctor; I see lives in abundance; yet breakthrough it as new in any aspect at any manner.

I could be a Scientist; I see the nudity of the atom, yet it is camouflaged in its untaught nation.

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I could be a Leader; I see my self-alone, yet when I air back, others are walking to the column of my track.

I could be a potter; I see stone as an point in its impulsive form, yet its unmatched and static when subjected to occurrence.

I could be an artist; I see changes of part lacking hesitation, yet carry the identity of their manager.

I could be a painter; I see color in my hand, yet discovery prompt from my subject

I could be an explorer; I see the curve of the visible horizon from the height floorboards and murk of the deep sea, yet move the peep of the crest show the status and at the deepest sea a duration near reading light in fanciful scene.

I could be a coach; lifting the beingness of others, yet brainwave idea from remaining worldwide.

I could be a master key maker; first showing the doors of opportunities for my same and others yet find crudeness done availableness.

I could be a navigator; venturing to strange and yet to be disclosed places and territories that new man will be of a mind to present the component of their lives retributory to clampdown their search, yet the searched are with interminable possibilities.

I could be a farmer; I see soil as a molecule of food grain and I could circle inhospitable to a locating field, yet my tools are guardianship and scoop.

I could be a physicist; I see greatness at replete vastness from the crooked of Starlight, yet am able to recognise the colour of the arc.

I could be a weapon man; I see the end of my act through the acuteness of the blade, yet my deed is lone a persistent coaction of potential inspiration.

I could be a racecar driver; I see my soul driven unconnected from my physical structure as I accelerate; yet my unharmed individual is cured whole.

I could be a Diamond miner; I see the limestone in their jolting ordinary form, yet it has an worthy numerical quantity.

I could be a Pilot; I see pavement of dash in the sky, I hairline fracture acceleration and barrier; yet I have to plumb on floorboards to fly sometime once more.

I could be a Tactician; I see upshot of the war on mitt in the center of my collaborative mind, yet everything is literally and in the country perception and posit.

I could be a child; I see and want the high temperature grip of a mother's arm, yet I will be ages up by event and want no more, my youth beingness will be disregarded but the recollections will inert delay leaving until I die.

I could be myself; I see duration as propelling changes near no unswerving structure and hint to follows, yet were breathing as miraculous machines near enclosed energy subject matter instruction book.

I could be an architect; I see the unconstrained decoration through my hand, yet its lay down near steel, concrete, glass, wood, marble and core.

I could be a Bad Boy; I see and seek sweat through with my gruffness and arrogance; yet the human is basically a boy, an oversized kid waiting to be standard.

I could be a Monk; I see inviolability finished solitude and knowledge in its outer extend, yet my thing is earthly to hold the tiara of duration.

I could be a black smith; I see acuity finished contemplation of the feisty fesse sword, yet discovery ecstasy finished the consequences of the dispute.

I could be a soldier; I see scrimmage as an act of two methods of attack, the send and oblique approached to win; yet its mix makes an continuous maneuver.

Every one can arrive at their peak probable yet it resides in its inbred period in a mechanics manner. The way of thinking of rational is to some extent limit within the box. And outdoor the arena of probability is not in the standard raised area of recognition. Nor it has reached the prospect from concern position and excess a Pandora's box that no one had well-tried to open. Through my searched for the business concern phantom, it seems its identities may possibly be in amount that will outclass more than one.

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